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OTC Hearing Aid Brand

According to OTC hearing aid market and online market development, more and more people can choose pre-programmable affordable hearing aids by different convenience ways. Austar hearing set up Cadenza hearing aid brand to develop OTC hearing aids, with the lastest and the top pre-programmable hearing aids design, including Bluetooth, APP control, noise reduction, rechargeable and feedback cancel functions. All Cadenza brand hearing aids got CE / FDA / ISO and Free Sales Certification (FSC), and can be sold in online shops (e.g. Amazon, Walmart etc.), supermarkets, hearing clinics and pharmacy shops.

Cadenza is specialized in the manufacture and wholesale of hearing aids for 18 years. We can provide both OEM and ODM service, product structure including behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) types of hearing aids. If you are looking for an OEM hearing aid manufacturer, we can provide you with a solution, which means size, quantity, design, packing solution, etc will depend on your requestsand your logo will be customized on our products. Our main customers are hearing aid dealers and wholesale companies in the United States, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia etc.

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BET Hearing Aid Manufacturer

Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aids

Cadenza H (H10/H6/H4/H2) are rechargeable BTE hearing aids which adopts digital processing technology to amplify sound signal and automatically eliminates sound feedback. Mini rechargeable digital hearing aid is an ideal option for the seniors with mild to moderate hearing loss. Open-fit OTC hearing aids.

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Rechargeable ITC Hearing Aids

Rechargeable and instant fit ITC hearing aids. Cadenza Q series (Q10/Q8/Q6/Q4/Q2) are rechargeable hearing aids that adopts digital processing technology to amplify sound signals and automatically eliminates sound feedback. Hearing aid fitting range: hearing loss is less than 80 dB.

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BTE Hearing Aids

Cadenza behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids mainly include BTE-OE, RIC hearing aids, analog / manual digital BTE hearing aids and rechargeable RIC hearing aids. They are designed to be durable, practical and easy-to-use.

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ITE Hearing Aids

Cadenza in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids mainly include instant fit CIC/ITC hearing aids and rechargeable ITC hearing aids. Instant-fit for maximum convenience and comfort (small size, completely in the canal), virtually invisible design for utmost discretion.

Why Choose Cadenza?

The leading hearing aid manufacturer in China, with:

Strong Technology Support

Our 6 specialized R&D teams including 50+ engineers has 18+ years experience can help our customers are always competitive in the market.

Good Quality

Cadenza has developed a chip algorithm with independent intellectual property rights, and has the core technology of hearing aid R&D.

Satisfying after-sale service

Cadenza seldom has quality complaint comes back because of superior quality supplied, if happens our professional technology team can help to fix the issue very quickly and provide the suitable solution online.

Specialized shipping services

Our shipping department has rich experience to process customs clearance at destination to send container to door very quickly.

CustomĀ and OEM&ODM Service

In addition to custom hearing aids, Cadenza also provides OEM&ODM services, which means size, quantity, design, packing solution, etc will depend on your requestsand your logo will be customized on our products. OEM hearing aid manufacturers.

Succeed with big customers

Cadenza's multiple factories, strong technology can supply big volume orders and has ability to increase order volume according to customers requirement, which help spread the risk for customers on supplying chain.