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Cadenza: Best OTC hearing aid brand in China, wholesale CE, FDA and ISO 13485 certified OTC ITE hearing aids. The best OTC ITE hearing aid supplier for hearing clinics and online dealers like Walmart/ Amazon, wholesale and sell FDA approved over-the-counter in the ear (ITE) hearing aids at affordable prices. Ideal for hearing impaired seniors.

ITE hearing aid means In-The-Ear type hearing aid. Cadenza T model is the most famous model. Smart and Invisible. We design rechargeable ITE hearing aid(Cadenza Q, Cadenza C5) to provide more convenience to user without battery exchange. Meantime, latest Cadenza Q with Auto Feedback Cancellation function and Noise Reduction make hearing feeling more comfortable and clearly.

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Cadenza T

Cadenza T is type of OTC instant fit CIC hearing aids, small hearing aids (virtually invisible) with digital circuit. its product names are T29, T27, T25, T23, T21 and T1. Hearing aid fitting range: hearing loss is less than 80 dB. Cadenza T hearing aids are ideal for the seniors with hearing loss.