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Cadenza L

Cadenza L digital BTE hearing aids

Cadenza L (L13U/L13P/L13) series products are super power OTC BTE hearing aids that use A13 size zinc-air batteries. They are pre-programmed hearing aids that users can wear without professional fitting after purchase. Suitable for mild to profound users with conductive, sensorineural and mixed hearing loss.

Cadenza L hearing aids have pure sound, easy operation and intelligent noise reduction function, use VC to control the volume and switch programs with buttons. The preset programs include: basic (regular settings), high-frequency compensation, and low-frequency compensation.

Cadenza L series hearing aids are over-the-counter (OTC) digital hearing aids, so they are very suitable for sale in supermarkets, pharmacies, amazon, walmart, online stores and hearing clinics. They are affordable and are the best option for hearing aid dealers to wholesale hearing aids to manufacturers.

Function & Benefits:

Wearing display:

hearing aid wearing display

Accessory List (Ear Dome):

Hearing Aid Ear Dome

Hearing Aid Key Features:

Hearing Aid Key Features

hearing aid fitting range

Hearing aid Features:

Product Name Cadenza L
Series L13U L13P L13
Fitting Range (dBHL) ≤120 ≤115 ≤90
Battery A13
Channel 4 4 4
Band 16 16 16
Noise Reduction 12dB 12dB 12dB
Multi-channels Expansion 4 4 4
Program 4 4 4
Program/ Volume Recording - - -
Push Button/ VC Push Button & VC
Progarm Switch Indicator
Low Power Indicator

Types of Hearing Aids:

Manual digital BTE hearing aids.

For hearing aid wholesalers/dealers:

The best OTC BTE hearing aid supplier for hearing clinics and online dealers like Walmart/ Amazon, wholesale and sell FDA approved over-the-counter dual microphone manual digital BTE hearing aids at affordable prices. Ideal for hearing impaired seniors. Certified by CE, FDA & ISO 13485. Cadenza: Best OTC hearing aid brand in China.

Applicable User:

Hearing aids used for compensation of the patient's hearing loss. People whose hearing loss is less than or equal to 120 dB (such as the seniors, kids).

How to wearing hearing aids:

Refer to the content of "How to wear a hearing aid", you will start from wearing a hearing aid for the first time, and learn how to install and remove the hearing aid battery, turn on/off the power of the hearing aid, and put on and remove the hearing aid.

Cleaning hearing aids:

Refer to the content of "How to Clean Hearing Aids", you will learn about cleaning and maintenance of hearing aids.

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