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How to wearing hearing aids?

Put on and remove hearing aid

How to insert a behind the ear hearing aid, types of ITE-OE, RIC hearing aid, how to insert hearing aid tube? For type of instant fit CIC hearing aids, how to put on hearing aids?

Wearing a hearing aid for the first time

Installing hearing aid batteries

how to install hearing aid batteries

  • Check whether the battery type is correct or not (Battery size:312).
  • Remove the tag on the battery and keep it in the air at least 1 minute.
  • Open the battery door gently.
  • Use the brush's magnet to hold the battery positive and then insert the battery. Should avoid touching battery by hand directly. Brush flat move to the direction of the battery door to separate the battery and brush, then close the battery door.
  • Gently close the battery door.

Removing hearing aid battery

Open the battery door gently by your fingernail. After the battery door is fully opened, use the brush's magnet to hold the battery, and then take out the battery. Do not take out the battery directly by hand .

Hearing aid power On/Off

  • Power On: Close the battery door.
  • Power Off: Open the battery door.

Steps for put on RIC hearing aids:

  • 1. Eartip Assembly.
  • Choose the appropriate size of eartip and insert it into the connector on tube.

  • 2. How to put on Cadenza RIC hearing aids?
  • How to put on Cadenza RIC hearing aids

    Use fingers to hold the bottom of the sound tube and push the eartip into the canal gently.

    Use another hand to pull the auricle backward, rotating the eartip until it reach the right position.

    Put the hearing aid behind the ear and closed to the head, hung on the ear properly.

  • Push-Switch (Multi function)
  • * The multi-function toggle-switch can be used to change volume and program with memory function.

    * Steps for Volume Control and Program Switch: Short push for Volume Control and long push 2 seconds for Program Switch.

    * Volume Control

    In different environments, you can short push the up and down button to adjust the volume to the maximum comfort level.

    Short push the up button to increase the volume.

    Short push the down button to decrease the volume.

    For the switch of each volume step, you will hear one beep.

    When the volume is at the Max or Min level, you will hear three beeps.

    * Program Switch

    Long push the up button(≥2s) to change the program from Program 1 to 2 to 3...

    Long push the down button (≥2s) to change the program from Program 3 to 2 to 1...

    The hearing aid comes with memory functions for program and volume.

    When reset the device, hearing aid will keep the volume and program last time you set.

How to remove the RIC hearing aids?

How to remove hearing aids

Remove the hearing aid from the back of the ear. Hold the bottom of the sound tube and pull gently, take out the ear mold or eartip when loosen.

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