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Cleaning hearing aids

Cleaning hearing aids

How to clean hearing aids? We will start with the mold, dome and microphone of the hearing aid and introduce the steps to clean the hearing aid. such as: how to clean hearing aid molds, domes and microphone? where to buy hearing aid cleaning kit?

What is the best way to clean a hearing aid?

If you have behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, clean the hearing aid surface with wet wipes that do not contain alcohol. For in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids, all kinds of wet wipes can be used to clean the hearing aids' surface. The microphone inlets can easily get blocked.

How to clean hearing aid microphone?

How to clean hearing aid microphone

How to clean hearing aid microphone?

where to buy hearing aid cleaning kit?

If you would like to buy hearing aid cleaning kit, please contact us.

About CADENZA Hearing Aids

CADENZA is a professional hearing aid manufacturer, producing behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing aids, and use our own intellectual property chip algorithm for produce hearing aids to ensure excellent quality and make price competitive in this industry. Our main customers are hearing aid distributors and wholesale companies in the United States, UK, Europe, and Australia, etc.

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