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Cadenza E6

best otc rechargeable ric hearing aid

The Cadenza E6 is an over-the-counter (OTC) rechargeable RIC hearing aid with 16 channels and the latest algorithms.

OTC hearing aid manufacturer

Looking for the best OTC hearing aid manufacturers? Cadenza is. Wholesale FDA approved OTC rechargeable hearing aids at competitive prices. Make it easier for the hearing-impaired elderly to buy affordable otc hearing aids and hearing aid wholesalers can earn more profits.

best otc rechargeable hearing aid

If you are still spending a lot of time looking for a reliable OTC hearing aid manufacturer, then you need an experienced OTC hearing aid supplier to help you increase profits, save costs and keep customers happy. Let us help you succeed in your hearing aid business.

best over the counter hearing aids for elderly

Cadenza E6 is the best over the counter (OTC) rechargeable RIC hearing aid in 2022. Best OTC hearing aids for hearing clinics and online resellers like Walmart/Amazon. Best non prescription hearing aids which are ideal for hearing impaired seniors with severe hearing loss and tinnitus.

Best rated over the counter hearing aids wholesale

OTC Rechargeable ric hearing aids


Rechargeable, RIC hearing aid types, Mini, Pre-programmed, Discreet, Comfortable, Easy to wear and operate.

7 colors available:

best otc rechargeable ric hearing aid wholesale

Black, Champagne, Skin Tone, Pearl Grey, Silver, Grey and Coffee. Supports customizable colors.

Hearing Aid Prices:

Competitive price. CADENZA OTC hearing aid manufacturer direct sales, reducing middlemen to maximize your profits. Bulk wholesale price.


Best over the counter hearing device comes with a hearing aid charger. You just need to put a pair of hearing aids in the charging box, charge them at night and use them all day. Solve the problem of frequent battery replacement for you.

Bluetooth function:

Not supported. This OTC rechargeable RIC hearing aid without bluetooth.

Target users:

  • 1. Hearing impaired, elderly/ seniors.
  • 2. Hearing clinics, wholesalers and Amazon, Walmart online sellers.

OTC hearing aid manufacturer wholesale rechargeable ric hearing aids for seniors with severe hearing loss.

best otc rechargeable ric hearing aid manufacturer

OTC Rechargeable RIC Hearing Aid Advantages:

  • China reliable OTC hearing aid brand and manufacturer.
  • Over 19 years of experience in hearing aid manufacturing.
  • High quality and guaranteed.
  • CE, ISO13485 and FDA certified.

Whether you are a hearing aid importer, brand owner, hearing clinic or retailer, you can benefit from importing hearing aids from the CADENZA OTC hearing aid brand manufacturer. Start earning great profits in your country today!

interested? For more OTC rechargeable RIC hearing aid functional parameters, please ask us for a brochure.

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