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4 tips for making hearing aids last longer

4 tips to make hearing aids last longer: waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, drop-proof. The details are as follows:

1. Pay attention to daily drying

After purchasing hearing aids, often the fitter in the store will give us a hearing aid drying box. This drying box is used to place hearing aids when we are not in use. After we open the battery compartment door, put it into the drying box and start drying.

2. Pay attention to daily cleaning

Hearing aids work in our ear canal for a long time, and the cerumen (ear poop) in our ear canal is easy to block the hearing aid. If you do not pay attention to cleaning the hearing aid and our ear canal, light our self-inductive hearing aid sound becomes smaller, heavy hearing aid internal parts are corroded, so in order to extend the service life of hearing aids, but also for us to maintain a good listening experience, it is best to clean hearing aids every day, and clean our ear canal regularly.

3. Hearing aids need to be waterproof

Do not turn on the hearing aid after encountering water, you need to deal with the water stains on the surface immediately, you can dry it with a clean paper towel or dry towel, and then contact the store fitter, do not turn on the machine without authorization. Unauthorized power on may result in irreversible loss of hearing aids.

4. Hearing aids need to be protected from falling

Hearing aids need to be well cared for and should not be violently beaten. At the same time, hearing-impaired people with pets at home need to pay attention not to let pets near hearing aids, so as not to be bitten by pets and cause hearing aid damage. Injuries caused by pet bites are often difficult to repair and are not covered by warranty.

4 tips for making hearing aids last longer

The general service life of hearing aids is marked as 5 years, but in fact, the service life of hearing aids varies from person to person. Some users can use it for ten years or more, and some users may have returned to the factory for repair many times in just one or two years. Any electronic device needs to be waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, and drop-proof. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of our hearing aids, we need to pay attention to the above 4 points, so that your hearing aids will definitely last for a long time.

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