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5 major hearing effects of unilateral hearing loss

Many people think that unilateral hearing loss has little effect and that it is okay to listen with the other ear, which is not rigorous. Compared with unilateral hearing loss and bilateral hearing loss, bilateral hearing loss has a greater impact. Here are the top 5 hearing effects of unilateral hearing loss:

1. Long-term reliance on one ear to listen will gradually aggravate the hearing loss of poor ears, cause hearing deprivation, and affect the development of auditory pathways.

2. Listening with one ear cannot locate the sound source. For example, on the road, it is impossible to accurately judge the direction of the oncoming car behind, and it should have hid to the right, but it mistakenly hid to the left, causing tragedy.

3. Obvious hearing impairment in noisy environment, multiple people can not hear the target speech clearly when talking, even in a quiet environment, there is a possibility of missing important sound information.

4. The occurrence of hearing deprivation, that is, the brain receives sound stimulation from normal ears for a long time, resulting in a decrease in the sound processing ability of the hearing loss ear and a gradual decline in the speech discrimination ability of the hearing damaged ear.

5. Studies have shown that asymmetric hearing loss will affect the development of brain auditory pathways, and if asymmetrical hearing loss occurs in childhood, long-term lack of correct intervention, a series of serious disorders will occur.

In addition to hearing loss, the above 5 points also include obvious language delay, intellectual disability, communication disorder, etc. Children may also experience an inability to understand vocabulary and simple grammatical structures, reduced academic performance, and more emotional and communication difficulties.

Therefore, whether it is bilateral hearing loss or unilateral hearing loss, early intervention is required. For example, wearing hearing aids, the more well-known OTC hearing aid brand, Cadenza provides you with competitive hearing aids. If you are interested, please contact us.