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Almost invisible CIC hearing aids

Many people worry that their hearing aids will look conspicuous or that they can be easily spotted wearing them. The almost invisible CIC hearing aid can help you solve this problem. Compared with BTE type hearing aids, CIC type hearing aids are located in your ear and are almost invisible, making it difficult to see without careful observation. Even better, with AUSTAR's advanced hearing algorithm technology, even OTC hearing aids that do not require professional fitting can bring huge impact and are favored by online e-commerce sellers. Why are the almost invisible CIC hearing aids favored by consumers?

Elderly people wearing CIC hearing aids

What is a CIC hearing aid?

Technology has come a long way since the days of big, bulky hearing aids. Many people are fed up with the idea of ​​hearing aids due to their size or discomfort. However, those days are over as today's technology allows hearing devices to get smaller and smaller. Completely in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids are virtually invisible.

almost invisible cic hearing aids

They are currently the smallest hearing aids in the OTC hearing aid category, with a design and ear domes that fit perfectly in your ear canal, making them almost imperceptible to everyone around you.

CIC hearing aids consist of three basic parts:

  • Microphone to pick up everything you need to hear.
  • An amplifier that increases the volume of these sounds.
  • speakers that deliver sound to your ears.

What are the advantages of CIC hearing aids?

A completely in-the-canal hearing aid is beneficial for people with mild to moderate severe hearing loss and is an almost invisible hearing aid. For most people, the biggest advantage of CIC hearing aids is their small size and low profile. Because they are located deep in the ear canal, they are difficult to spot and allow hearing aids to work with the ear to provide a more natural sound experience.

wearing almost invisible cic hearing aids

Benefits of CIC hearing aids in the ear canal:

  • It is unlikely to hear the wind when outside.
  • Easier to use phone and headset.
  • Reduces the "blocking effect", the vibration or rumble of your own voice or chewing that you sometimes hear in your head when wearing a hearing aid.
  • Comfortable and safe medical silicone ear domes are suitable for people with different sizes of ear canals.
  • There are no external tubes or wires to prevent dropping when undressing, masks, hats or glasses.

For people with mild to severe hearing loss, when wearing a hearing aid for the first time, you can try this almost invisible CIC hearing aid. It is an OTC type hearing aid that does not require professional fitting and can be worn after purchase.

What are the disadvantages of CIC hearing aids?

While completely in-the-canal invisible hearing aids have many advantages, it is also necessary to be aware of some of their potential problems. like:

  • Not suitable for people with profound hearing loss.
  • If you have dexterity issues, it can be more challenging to deal with, like changing batteries, post-maintenance operations, etc.
  • May be more susceptible to earwax and moisture build-up.

If you have any questions, please let us know, we will be happy to help you.