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Hearing aid or cochlear implant which is better?

When our hearing loss, we must immediately carry out hearing intervention, choose the appropriate assistive hearing equipment: hearing aids and cochlear implants. So we must be confused, what is the difference between these two listening devices? Which works better and how do we choose?

Hearing aids vs cochlear implants

Hearing aids vs cochlear implants

Hearing aids and cochlear implants, including other assistive hearing devices, rely on the hearing-impaired person's residual hearing to improve their hearing. The fundamental difference between them is that hearing aids do not require surgery and can be worn directly on the ear after being properly adjusted, but cochlear implants need to be surgically implanted. This also means that they are suitable for different groups of people.

Applicable people for hearing aids

Hearing aids types

1. It is recommended to use hearing aids for users with hearing loss below severe deafness, because hearing aids can completely help these hearing-impaired people hear sound and return to life without serious hearing loss.

2. It is more suitable for adults. Generally, it will be easier to adapt to hearing aids after hearing impaired adults.

3. Hearing-impaired people who are unwilling to do cochlear implants due to some diseases or psychological factors of the user.

Suitable for cochlear implants

1. After using hearing aids, there is no obvious effect for a period of time.

2. Prelingually deaf infants, that is, infants with hearing loss before learning language, and the hearing aids have no obvious effect, and the younger the implantation age, the better the effect. The general implantation age ranges from 12 months to 6 years.

3. There are no contraindications to surgery.

4. Follow-up can carry out corresponding speech rehabilitation training.

Pros and cons of hearing aids and cochlear implants

Hearing aids and cochlear implants have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they have their own suitable groups. When we have hearing loss, we should choose appropriate hearing aids under the guidance and advice of professionals.

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