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Cadenza ME-200P rechargeable hearing aid

Cadenza ME-200P rechargeable assistive listening devices, its mode selection is designed in two listening environments. It can easily adjust the volume, power switch and mode selection according to the needs of 4 different buttons. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Allowing you to listen freely in noisy environments.

According to the survey, some people prefer deep and full sound quality. Some people prefer crisp and loud sound quality. Two different sound qualities have been established in the ME-200P mode, which fully meets the needs of different people for sound quality.

Function & Benefits:

  • Digital rechargeable
  • Super noise reduction
  • Light weight
  • Pure sound
  • Smart size & fashion outside
  • Pro-environment
  • Tiny Size, Fashion Design, Exquisite Performance.
  • Easy Operation
  • Fast Charging

Hearing aid Features:

Model ME-200P
Size 32.5mm *36mm *14.9mm
Earphone Single Ear
Max Output 115±4dB SPL@2900 HZ
Peak Gain 3.2 mA
Current 60±5 dB.

Frequency curves of Hearing Aids:

Cadenza ME-200P hearing aid frequency curves

Cadenza ME-200P hearing aid advantages

Types of Hearing Aids:

Digital rechargeable assistive listening devices.

For hearing aid wholesalers/dealers:

Cadenza's hearing aid products are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss and can be sold in supermarkets, pharmacy shops, online shops (e.g. Amazon, Walmart etc.) and hearing clinics etc.

Applicable User:

Hearing aids used for compensation of the patient's hearing loss. People whose hearing loss is less than or equal to 80 dB (such as the seniors or kids).

How to wearing hearing aids:

Refer to the content of "How to wear a hearing aid", you will start from wearing a hearing aid for the first time, and learn how to install and remove the hearing aid battery, turn on/off the power of the hearing aid, and put on and remove the hearing aid.

Cleaning hearing aids:

Refer to the content of "How to Clean Hearing Aids", you will learn about cleaning and maintenance of hearing aids.

Why choose Cadenza?

  • Direct manufacturer supply: you can enjoy competitive price and stable quality.
  • Diverse choices: BTE and ITE hearing aids; different hearing aid styles/ colors for your choice.
  • Full package service: We are available for custom hearing aids, OEM / ODM Service, technique guide, free training etc.
  • Excellent Service: We have 6 professional hearing aid R&D teams includig 50+ engineers who can give you the technical advice in any type.

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