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Cadenza R

Cadenza R hearing aids

Cadenza R - OTC BTE open fit hearing aid, Open-Fit style, small size, hearing comfortably, preprogrammed and high clarity are CADENZA R features. More convenient for dispenser sales, and also, Open-Fit style makes users hear comfortably and clarity.

New design BTE-OE hearing aids with open-fit style, Intelligent noise reduction up to 13 dB and intelligent feedback cancellation features. Cadenza R use Zinc-Air battery 312A, with push button for VC and program switch, short press to change volume, long press to change programs. Suitable for mild-to-moderate hearing loss patients.

Presetting program including: Basic (regular setting), High frequency compensation and low frequency compensation. Can be sold at super markets, pharmacy shops, online shops and hearing clinics etc.

Function & Benefits:

BTE-OE hearing aid structures:

Cadenza R hearing aid structure

  • 1. Sound tube
  • 2. Microphone
  • 3. Ear dome
  • 4. Volume control
  • 5. Battery door

Wearing display:

hearing aid wearing display

Accessory List (Ear dome):

hearing aid ear dome

Key Features:

hearing aid features

hearing aid features

Hearing aid Features:

Features Cadenza R
Product Name R9 R7 R5 R3 R1
Fitting Range (dBHL) ≤65 ≤65 ≤65 ≤65 ≤65
Battery A312
Channel 12 10 8 6 4
Band 16 12 12 8 8
Noise Reduction 18dB 15dB 12dB 9dB 6dB
Multi-channels Expansion 12 10 8 6 4
Program 4 4 4 4 4
Program/ Volume Recording
Push Button/ VC Push Button
Progarm Switch Indicator
Low Power Indicator

Types of Hearing Aids:

BTE-OE hearing aids.

Applicable User:

People whose hearing loss is less than or equal to 65 dB (such as the seniors, kids).

Applicable User:

The best OTC BTE open fit hearing aid supplier for hearing clinics and online dealers like Walmart/ Amazon, wholesale and sell FDA approved over-the-counter open fit hearing aids at affordable prices. Ideal for hearing impaired seniors. Certified by CE, FDA & ISO 13485. Cadenza: Best OTC hearing aid brand in China.

How to wearing hearing aids:

Refer to the content of "How to wear a hearing aid", you will start from wearing a hearing aid for the first time, and learn how to install and remove the hearing aid battery, turn on/off the power of the hearing aid, and put on and remove the hearing aid.

Cleaning hearing aids:

Refer to the content of "How to Clean Hearing Aids", you will learn about cleaning and maintenance of hearing aids.

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