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First-time hearing aid wearers: Lower your expectations

Hearing impaired patients choose hearing aids for the first time, the listening effect will vary according to the actual situation of each person, so patients who wear hearing aids for the first time should lower your expectations after wearing hearing aids, and it is unlikely that they can be 100% satisfied, for the following reasons:

First time hearing aid wearer: Please lower your expectations

The first time to wear hearing aids should consider the following aspects: own factors, hearing aid product function and the technical professional level of the hearing practitioner.

1. Self-hearing loss

Which people with hearing loss work best when worn? Patients with moderate hearing loss are the best to fit hearing aids, and mild hearing loss and severe hearing loss are not as effective as people with moderate hearing loss.

The length of hearing loss time: The shorter the hearing loss time, it is better to wear hearing aids in time.

Nature of hearing loss: the fitting effect of patients with general conductive hearing loss is better than that of patients with mixed hearing loss; The fitting effect of mixed hearing loss is better than that of patients with sensorineural hearing loss. Sensorineural deafness is the factor that affects the speech discrimination ability of hearing-impaired patients the most, and it is also the nature of the worst effect of hearing aids in hearing-impaired patients.

Expectations of hearing aids are too high: Some hearing-impaired patients have too high expectations for the wearing of hearing aids, hoping to achieve normal hearing, which is unrealistic.

2. Hearing aid product functions

The signal processing channel, computing speed, noise reduction level, feedback suppression function, power intensity automatic control, Bluetooth function, etc. of hearing aid products are all important factors affecting the listening effect of hearing aids. The products of different grades and different hearing aid manufacturers will have certain differences in listening effect.

3. Experience factors for audiologists

Professional and experienced audiologists can achieve better hearing aids according to the hearing conditions and use needs of hearing impaired patients. New fitters or untrained fitters may not be able to perform the functions of hearing aids.

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