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Elderly hearing loss and cognitive decline should be treated as soon as possible

In the past, only about 3% of children with mild hearing loss, adults and the elderly still wear hearing aids. Audiologists pointed out: The risk of treating hearing loss is very low, but the potential benefits are high. Children and the elderly with mild hearing loss are strongly encouraged to buy hearing aids. Why is there such a difference? If this is good for our children, why is it not good for adults? We really need to treat hearing loss as a bigger problem for adults and need to be treated sooner.

Elderly hearing loss and cognitive decline should be treated as soon as possible

Age-related hearing loss-medically known as senile hearing loss, it was once considered to be a relatively harmless consequence of various factors caused by age, but it has gradually been confirmed to be related to a variety of health conditions, including cognitive ability Decline, depression, and increased risk of falls. As we age, the connections between brain cells will be damaged, or some cells will be lost-this process is called "brain atrophy" or often called "cognitive decline."

According to the World Hearing Report issued by the World Health Organization, the number of people with hearing loss in the world may increase by 1.5 times in the next 30 years. That is to say, by 2050, one in four people in the world will suffer from hearing loss of varying degrees. obstacle.

According to a study by Johns Hopkins Hospital in the United States, the risk of dementia for hearing-impaired people is five times higher than that of ordinary people. The main reason is that hearing impairment causes poor communication. The loss of contact with the outside world over time accelerates the shrinkage of the cerebral cortex, which also makes depression and loss. Risks such as wisdom have increased significantly.

Therefore, I also urge everyone to maintain an adult hearing screening every six months to a year as much as possible after the age of 45. Especially when you find that you are unclear or prone to hearing fatigue, you need to find an audiologist to check in time. And consultation, if there is hearing loss, it is also recommended to intervene as soon as possible.