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Hearing loss more susceptible to senile dementia?

Older people who are unable to communicate well with others due to hearing loss are more likely to develop senile dementia. Studies have shown that the prevalence of Alzheimer's disease in the elderly with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss is 2 times, 3 times and 5 times that of the elderly with normal hearing, respectively, and hearing loss has become a prominent health problem in the aging population worldwide.

Hearing aids are required for hearing loss

The most common hearing loss in the elderly is senile hearing loss, mainly due to hearing loss caused by the aging of the auditory system, and its pathological changes are mainly in the cochlea and cochlea, and the clinical manifestations are high-frequency hearing loss, reduced speech recognition rate, and prolonged latency of brainstem evoked potential. Clinically, symmetrical progressive sensorineural hearing loss in both ears that begins in old age is often diagnosed as senile hearing impairment after excluding other causes. In daily life, it is mainly manifested as small sounds can not be heard, large voices and fear of noise, and people can sometimes hear the sound but can not hear the content of the speech, the speech recognition rate is significantly reduced, and some elderly people will be accompanied by tinnitus.

Entering the old age, the human body organs are aging, hearing organs are no exception, hearing impairment is widespread in the elderly population, but we pay far less attention to it, which seriously affects the quality of life and physical and mental health of the elderly, and has a negative impact on the family and society. Therefore, the management of hearing health in the elderly is particularly urgent. In addition, because many elderly people are accompanied by hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other systemic diseases, these diseases will also have an adverse effect on the hearing organs, not only aggravate senile hearing impairment, but also make this hearing impairment early, and even lead to sudden hearing loss.

Therefore, hearing is not only a hearing problem, but also involves the life and work of hearing-impaired patients; and the issue of physical health. Hearing aids should be worn in time for hearing rehabilitation intervention to improve hearing.

Hearing loss can first wear Cadenza brand OTC hearing aids, generally can solve the problem, if the hearing loss is already more serious, you need to go to the hearing clinic to test hearing and test hearing aids to improve hearing loss.