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How to adapt to wearing hearing aids for the first time?

If the hearing aid is not properly programmed and debugged for the first time, it will directly affect the user's experience with the hearing aid. When the user wears the hearing aid for the first time, it will be programmed and debugged by the hearing fitting technician for the first time. It will take 3 months to adapt to the implementation of your hearing rehabilitation plan. Hearing impaired users should go to the hearing fitting center for debugging again during these 3 months. Your hearing aids so you can hear more clearly. That is, the wearing effect of hearing aids will be better, the better the speech discrimination ability will be, and the better the performance of hearing aids will be.

wearing hearing aids for the first time

Analysis of the unsuitable situation of wearing a hearing aid for the first time:

  • The user thinks it is okay.
  • Users feel that the effect is not good, and they will feel that wearing hearing aids is useless, so they simply put them aside.
  • Due to limited mobility or lack of children to accompany or excessive impatience, it will be put on hold for a long time.

Initial commissioning of hearing aids

After the initial commissioning, I feel that many places are not satisfied, so I can go to the fitting center for commissioning again. How can users do some simple debugging?

Like other diseases of the human body, hearing impairment requires a period of time for adaptation and gradual rehabilitation in the process of treatment and rehabilitation.

Second commissioning of hearing aids

Generally, after the initial debugging of hearing aids, the fitter will suggest that the user can go to the fitting center for the second debugging after half a month to one month. The user can tell the dispenser the actual feelings and problems recorded during the usual wearing process, and the dispenser will analyze and debug accordingly according to the situation and problems reflected by the user. After debugging, users can experience in the center for about ten minutes to half an hour, and solve new problems that may arise in time. This avoids the round-trip tossing of the user.

Debugging hearing aids for the third time

After the user continues to wear it for a month, if he feels that there is something wrong, he can go to the fitting center again to seek the help of a fitting specialist. According to the user's feelings and the function of the hearing aid, the hearing aid will make the third debugging after analysis. At this time, many excellent functions of the hearing aid will be reflected, and the user's listening experience will be more satisfied. There may be some users with severe hearing loss or poor speech resolution, and the number of debugging in three months will be more. It is also possible that it has something to do with the adjustment level and working style of the dispenser. For example, has a discomfort threshold test been done? Or whether to do sound field evaluation, real ear analysis, speech evaluation.


Dispensers and users and their families should establish such a confidence and concept. Generally, after these three debuggings, most users will get an ideal effect. However, some users can go to the fitting center for debugging again in about half a year. Even without debugging, users can go to the fitting center to do some regular cleaning and maintenance. This is critical for the user's hearing aid wearing effect and the life of the hearing aid. Sometimes individual users think that the hearing aid is silent because it is broken, but in fact it is just that the sound hole is blocked or the battery is dead.

During use, users can also use the program buttons or volume knob on the hearing aid to adapt to different listening environments and adjust the volume. Even some mid-to-high-end phones can adjust the volume or deal with common listening problems through the mobile APP.