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OTC hearing aid brands: 3 advantages of wearing 2 hearing aids

Older adults with hearing loss often ask a question when wearing hearing aids for the first time: Is wearing one or two hearing aids the best practice? Buying 2 hearing aids is beyond my budget. OTC hearing aids are the best choice when the cost budget is limited. Hearing aid experts recommend wearing 2 hearing aids!

The benefits of wearing 2 hearing aids

OTC hearing aid brands: 3 advantages of wearing 2 hearing aids

1. Sound source localization

If an older person has hearing loss in both ears and wears only one hearing aid, it is impossible to determine the source of the sound. But wearing 2 hearing aids can avoid this situation and improve the sound source localization ability.

2. Hear more clearly

When wearing 2 hearing aids, the brain will integrate and process the sound information collected by both ears, and the sound signal can be analyzed more efficiently and comprehensively after our brain's automatic noise reduction processing. Wearing only one hearing aid means that the hearing is unbalanced and the noise reduction function of the brain cannot be fully reflected.

3. Prevention of hearing deprivation

What is hearing deprivation? Hearing deprivation is simply understood as the asymmetric reception of sound information by both ears for a long time, which will lead to the degradation of the auditory pathway of the poor ear, and the speech recognition rate will gradually decrease over time. Once hearing deprivation occurs, it is difficult to restore speech discrimination to previous levels, even with hearing aids in the future. Therefore, when hearing loss occurs in both ears, 2 hearing aids should be worn to prevent the occurrence of hearing loss.

Hearing aid costs

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It is better to wear 2 hearing aids. If buying 2 high-end hearing aids is out of your budget, you can buy 2 cheap OTC hearing aids instead of one high-end hearing aid.

Which users only need to buy 1 hearing aid

1. There are only hearing-impaired users with unilateral deafness, and the ear difference has been serious enough to lose the meaning of hearing compensation.

2. In the hearing aid audition, when the effect of wearing one ear is obviously better than that of wearing both ears, you can choose to buy one hearing aid alone.

3. For other reasons, users can only wear hearing aids on one ear.

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