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Is 80dB rechargeable RIC hearing aid enough power?

Hearing aid power refers to the maximum output of a hearing aid in dB.

80dB Power Rechargeable Hearing Aids

As shown in the figure, the power of this rechargeable RIC hearing aid is the maximum at the lower edge of the shaded area, that is, ≤80dB. There are many factors that affect the power of hearing aids, such as hearing loss, audition, wearing history, disease history, user needs, age, etc., but the hearing and audition are the most important.

OTC Rechargeable RIC Hearing Aids

Degree of hearing loss

We all need a hearing test before fitting hearing aids. Everyone will definitely get a pure tone audiogram. When choosing the power of hearing aids, we often need to cooperate with our air conduction threshold. Under normal circumstances, the audiogram should be in the lower part of the entire shaded area, and it is best to have a reserved space of 10-20dB in the curve and shaded area. But it is not recommended that you reserve too much space. If the selected hearing aid is too powerful for our hearing situation, it means that the noise floor of the hearing aid will be larger and the sound distortion will be more, especially for hearing loss. For people who are not very serious, there is no need to sacrifice the restoration of the sound to obtain a larger sound. If the hearing loss is very serious, high-power hearing aids should be considered. At the same time, it is not recommended that you reserve too little space, or do not reserve space. There is no reserved space, which means that the adjustability of the subsequent hearing aids will decrease. If we have subsequent hearing loss, we can only achieve the ideal hearing aid effect by replacing the hearing aids, and we cannot meet our sound needs through debugging.

Hearing test

When choosing the power of hearing aids, we should not only pay attention to our hearing, but also pay attention to our audition in hearing aid stores. There are many hearing-impaired people. His hearing is not as reflected in his hearing test. Maybe the hearing test shows severe hearing loss, but in fact, he does not need very loud sounds during the audition process. Consider whether to choose a hearing aid with a lower power. Therefore, hearing aid fitting is a complicated process. You must listen to the hearing aid before you can actually experience the hearing aid.

In short, hearing aids need to choose the power that suits them, so that they can be heard comfortably and can be used for a long time. The OTC rechargeable hearing aids provided by CADENZA use the latest algorithm, portable charging, and are very suitable for the hearing-impaired elderly.

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