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OTC Hearing Aids: Ready-to-use, convenient

For every hearing-impaired elderly friend who is eager to hear the world clearly, it is very important to choose a hearing aid that suits him. That's why CADENZA has created a convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly solution – ready-to-use OTC rechargeable hearing aids.

CADENZA's "ready-to-use" concept means that OTC hearing aids can be purchased directly at pharmacies or designated retail outlets, without the need for a cumbersome medical prescription and hearing fitting process, making hearing improvement as easy and fast as choosing daily necessities, truly putting the choice back in the hands of the hearing impaired.

Always have enough power

The core technological breakthrough of rechargeable hearing aids lies in their built-in rechargeable system. This means you don't have to worry about changing batteries as often, as you can easily charge your hearing aids at home or on the go with a small, portable charger that keeps your hearing aids fully charged to capture every minute sound around the clock.

OTC Hearing Aid Advantages

Eco-friendly design

The rechargeable design effectively reduces the consumption of disposable batteries, saves you the cost of continuous battery purchase, and protects the environment, so that a green and low-carbon lifestyle can be integrated into daily hearing assistance.

CADENZA's OTC rechargeable hearing aids are designed to provide you with efficient, convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly hearing solutions that enrich your life with clear sound. We look forward to our hearing aids being a powerful assistant in your life and starting a carefree listening journey together. If you have any questions or needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and CADENZA will be happy to assist you.