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Unilateral hearing loss treatment, wear hearing aids?

Is there any need for intervention for unilateral deafness? Do I need to wear hearing aids?

With unilateral deafness, you should be treated for unilateral hearing loss. Unilateral deafness means that the average hearing threshold of the healthy ear is less than 30dB, and the average hearing threshold of the affected ear is greater than 70dB. Sensorineural hearing loss, we have hearing aids for unilateral deafness, but we recommend that you wear a pair of programmable hearing aids. We also have affordable OTC rechargeable hearing aids (the Cadenza H and Q series), which are the most popular hearing aids for 2022.

unilateral hearing loss treatment

Patients with unilateral deafness often face a series of problems in their lives, such as:

1. The speech recognition rate in the noisy environment is reduced.

2. Difficulty in speech recognition caused by the head shadow effect (the head has a blocking effect on the sound, the high frequency will be blocked, and the low frequency with longer wavelength can bypass the head).

3. The source of the sound cannot be identified.

In addition, the most easily overlooked is "hearing deprivation". Hearing deprivation is simply "use it or lose it". When the affected ear does not receive information input for a long time, the corresponding auditory pathway will degenerate, which is manifested as a decrease in speech recognition rate. Once degeneration occurs, subsequent recovery is difficult.

Therefore, we should perform hearing intervention on the affected ear, and then wear hearing aids, which not only helps patients with unilateral deafness improve their lives but also prevents hearing deprivation.