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Why are many elderly people reluctant to wear hearing aids?

As they grow older, the hearing of the elderly tends to degrade to varying degrees, and symptoms such as inability to hear conversations, phone ringtones, and constant interruptions frequently appear. After understanding the benefits of wearing hearing aids, are the elderly really unwilling to wear hearing aids? In fact, the main reason is to prevent the children from worrying and not to increase the burden on the children. Why is this so?

benefits of hearing aids for the elderly

1. Out of face or dissatisfaction with the old

I feel that wearing a hearing aid means that I have become deaf.

2. It is normal to think that "old people are deaf"

You can hear other people talking louder, and it doesn't affect your life, so there's no need to wear it.

3. Burden the children

This is the most important and common reason. They don't want to worry their children and are afraid of burdening them. Not bothering children is a unique way for Chinese parents to express their love.

Is it really useful for the elderly to wear hearing aids?

After hearing loss, through scientific testing and evaluation, professional hearing aid selection can make very effective use of residual hearing and obtain effective sound compensation. It can solve the inconvenience and harm caused by most hearing problems and greatly improve the quality of life of the elderly. Wearing a hearing aid can keep the sound stimulating the auditory nerve, protect the residual hearing, and slow down the continued decline of hearing.

No: I can still hear it, let’s wait until I can’t hear it

I'm hard of hearing, can I really wait to talk? In fact, hearing is not good, regardless of age, the three early principles are very important. Early intervention, early treatment, and early rehabilitation will achieve good hearing rehabilitation results.

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