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How to adapt to hearing aids when wearing hearing aids for the first time?

Usually hearing-impaired people such as the elderly or children with hearing loss need to wear hearing aids. However, when wearing a hearing aid for the first time, we usually find that the sound is different from our memory, so how to adapt to the hearing aid?

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How to adapt to hearing aids

1. Transition from a quiet environment to a noisy environment. In a quiet environment, listen to various background sounds and try to distinguish each one.

2. The wearing time gradually increases. At the beginning, wear it for 1-2 hours a day, and then gradually increase the wearing time until you wear it all day. It will take about a month to get used to it, but the time for each person to get used to it is different, so don't worry too much.

3. Volume from low to high. At the beginning, the volume should not be too loud, as the user may not be used to listening to the loud sound for a short time. So you can gradually increase the volume to adapt slowly.

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