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3 key points for maintaining hearing aids, How to care for hearing aids?

1. Hearing Aid Drying

Remove the hearing aid before going to bed every day and put it in a drying box for hearing aids for dehumidification. The purpose of dehumidification is to prevent sweat or moisture from entering the hearing aid and corroding the internal parts and causing failure. When usually used, try to avoid sweat and rain entering the microphone entrance or flowing into the internal circuit of the program switch, so as to avoid the microphone being damp, and the program switch is short-circuited, causing failure.

2. Hearing Aid Dustproof

Try not to go to a place with a lot of smoke, and use clean hands to open and close the hearing aid battery compartment or program switch. Pay attention to the cleaning of the hearing aid shell, use a cloth or cotton swab, do not use any solvent or water.

3. Use of hearing aid batteries

Use batteries for hearing aids, not batteries without quality assurance or mercury batteries. When the hearing aid is not in use, remove the battery, check the battery every day, and immediately stop using and replace it with a new battery if it changes color or leaks. Depending on the hearing aid power and hearing loss, the hearing aid battery life is also different, and the battery should be replaced immediately if it is dead. When loading and unloading the battery, pay attention to the electrode direction and strength to avoid damage to the battery compartment or battery electrode.

How to care for hearing aids

If the elderly use hearing aids, when the elderly are inconvenient to operate, please use rechargeable hearing aids to avoid the trouble of frequently replacing the battery.

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