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How to Prevent Congenital Hearing Loss

Tens of thousands of babies are born with congenital hearing loss every year, but how to prevent congenital hearing loss? As long as the mother of the baby does the following 4 points during pregnancy, the baby can be prevented from being born with hearing diseases.

How to Prevent Congenital Hearing Loss

4 key points to prevent congenital hearing loss:

1. Improve genetic testing and screening for deafness, carry out prenatal diagnosis of hereditary deafness, reduce its incidence as much as possible, and try to avoid consanguineous marriages.

2. Strengthen maternal and child health care during pregnancy and childbirth, actively prevent and treat diseases during pregnancy, and reduce the occurrence of birth injuries; screen infants and young children after birth, and carry out early warning and prevention of hearing impairment. Pregnant mothers should strengthen nutrition to avoid low birth weight births Son.

3. Actively prevent and treat infectious diseases and nutritional deficiency diseases. Pregnant mothers during pregnancy should minimize contact with harmful physical factors and chemical substances such as strong noise. Physical and mental health and ensure the quality of sperm and eggs and embryos have a healthy and normal development environment.

4. Pregnant mothers try to avoid using ototoxic drugs. Any physical discomfort needs to go to the hospital in time. Do not "diagnose" and take medicine by yourself. When taking medicine, its indications should be strictly controlled when it must be used, and strive to use small doses and short courses of treatment.

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