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Misunderstanding of hearing impaired people who wear hearing aids for the first time

Whether it is a hearing-impaired child or the elderly, they attach great importance to their hearing and choose to wear hearing aids for the first time, which is a rare recognition. However, many hearing loss users are prone to some misunderstandings about hearing aids, resulting in the wearing effect of hearing aids is not very ideal. There are the following 3 misunderstandings for hearing-impaired people who wear hearing aids for the first time:

1. The louder the sound, the clearer

Regarding the relationship between loud and clear sound, it is not only the hearing-impaired who wear hearing aids for the first time will have a misunderstanding, but even most ordinary people have a misunderstanding, mistakenly thinking that the louder the sound, the clearer. The intensity of the sound within a certain range can indeed improve the clarity of speech, but once it is exceeded, it will be counterproductive. Therefore, the sound size of the hearing aid is appropriate, and do not attribute the reason why the sound is unclear to the sound "too small".

2. The quieter the hearing aid, the better?

Many hearing-impaired users have not heard the sound of the external environment for a long time, and after wearing the hearing aid for the first time, they will think that the external environmental noise is the noise of the hearing aid, hoping to reduce the noise. But this is a normal phenomenon, we hope that hearing aids can try to help hearing impaired users return to the normal sound world, in the world of normal hearing people, environmental noise is everywhere, so the environmental noise in hearing aids does not affect the user's daily life is retained. If the ambient noise is reduced too much, it may not be possible to avoid danger in daily life, such as the sound of horns on the road, the sound of sirens in various areas, etc.

3. Is it okay to wear only one hearing aid?

When the hearing impaired have hearing loss in both ears, many hearing impaired people will feel that the effect of wearing one is quite good, feel that it is not necessary to buy another one, or feel that the hearing on the other side is currently acceptable, and feel that they do not need to wear it for the time being. Wearing one ear is easy to cause hearing deprivation, that is, the ear that does not wear a hearing aid has a decrease in speech resolution due to the stimulation of no sound signal for a long time. At the same time, wearing it in both ears can bring many benefits, such as sound localization, noise reduction, and improved speech intelligibility. Therefore, it is recommended to wear hearing aids in both ears.

wear hearing aids of the first time

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