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It is important for deaf people to wear hearing aids

In daily life, communication with friends and family is essential, and hearing aids can play a very good role in assisting deaf people, so how important it is to wear hearing aids for some deaf people!

Deaf seniors who need hearing aids

Deafness can generally be divided into five types: mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe and extremely severe. Mild patients can hear people's voices at close range. In this case, they do not need to wear hearing aids. Moderate patients can only hear speech within 1 meter. For this reason, it is necessary to choose hearing aids. For moderate and severe patients, It is difficult to hear even close-range speech, which should be equipped with hearing aids. The selection of fully deaf patients has lost its meaning, and the type of hearing aids for deaf people also depends on the degree.

In daily life, communication with friends and family is essential, and hearing aids are to improve the hearing of deaf people. If we answer irrelevant questions and interrupt frequently with our family members, many family members will become more and more impatient, and even become bored, either reprimanding or ignoring, we ourselves feel really useless! Gradually, chatting at home They become outsiders, and thus become irritable, lonely and even eccentric. It can be seen how important it is for some deaf people to choose to wear hearing aids!

Elderly man with hearing loss

Generally speaking, inaudible hearing is caused by high frequency damage. High frequency is the main area of ​​speech comprehension. Sound waves enter the ear canal and travel to the tympanic membrane. , the vibration of sound is transmitted into the inner ear and into the cochlea, the hair cells convert the vibration into electrical impulses, and the electrical impulses are transmitted along the auditory nerve to the brain, which analyzes and understands our speech signals. Therefore, the inability to hear is mostly due to damage to the auditory nerve. Patients with cochlear disease cannot transmit the words they hear to the brain, and they cannot get a response from the brain, so they feel that they cannot hear clearly. For such hearing loss, the OTC hearing aids provided by Cadenza are a good solution to the hearing problems of hearing-impaired people. If you need hearing aids, please contact us.

Hearing loss, like hearing treatment, is a long process. We should also use hearing aids scientifically to improve hearing and improve life.