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Can hearing aids relieve tinnitus?

There is no cure for tinnitus, can hearing aids relieve tinnitus?

How can annoying tinnitus be cured? Are hearing aids useful?

Audiologists have done a lot of research on this issue. Unfortunately, there is currently no effective cure for tinnitus, otherwise many people would not suffer from tinnitus. But fortunately, the experiment found that wearing hearing aids can alleviate tinnitus. Namely tinnitus masking - this is very effective in relieving tinnitus.

Tinnitus with hearing loss

Tinnitus patients often feel that the tinnitus is aggravated in quiet conditions, because the peripheral ambient noise has a masking effect on the tinnitus. For tinnitus patients with hearing loss, the masking effect of ambient noise on tinnitus is significantly weakened, so the feeling of tinnitus is more prominent. After wearing hearing aids, properly amplify the background noise. When the surrounding environment is relatively quiet, wearing hearing aids in both ears can relieve tinnitus, even if you only have tinnitus in one ear.

Therefore, for those patients with hearing loss accompanied by tinnitus, we recommend the use of hearing aids for assistance.

What causes tinnitus? Where Tinnitus Comes From?

1. Picking your ears, if you use too much force, the device that picks your ears will cause damage to the ears, which will lead to bacteria entering and causing tinnitus.

2. Long-term noise causes the ear to be stimulated by noise for a long time. After a long time, it will form some kind of stimulation to the internal tissues of the ear, and under long-term stimulation, tinnitus will gradually form.

3. Special medicines are taken incorrectly. Some medicines can cause tinnitus, and some medicines can aggravate tinnitus.

4. Various diseases, mainly ear diseases, such as external ear diseases. Tinnitus can also occur with vascular disease.

5. Eating habits, frequent smoking and drinking, excessive fatigue, will affect the blood circulation of the ear and cause tinnitus.

To make the annoying tinnitus go away as soon as possible. Usually need to have more living habits, pay attention to the above problems. Tinnitus naturally keeps away from you.