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Hearing aids for tinnitus

Cadenza hearing aids give hearing loss users with tinnitus the opportunity to use one device for dual use. With its high-quality hearing aid function, it can solve the problem of hearing-impaired inaudibility, and the natural tinnitus masking method can also solve the problem of tinnitus.

Hearing aids for tinnitus

Hearing aids and tinnitus

Hearing aids

Hearing aid is a battery-powered or rechargeable electronic device designed to help those with hearing loss hear clearly. They don’t amplify all the sounds around you, but complex programs and features scan the environment, help you focus on speech sounds, and reduce background noise. They also help you hear clearly by working to improve hearing in high frequencies, and other sounds you struggle to hear, as well as improving speech clarity. They are customized to your unique hearing loss and lifestyle, so that you’ll have clear hearing throughout your day. Tinnitus masking hearing aids are hearing aids that increase the tinnitus masking function on the basis of improving hearing.


Tinnitus refers to the patient's conscious inner ear sound, such as cicada sound or tidal sound. Deafness refers to varying degrees of hearing loss, or even disappear. Tinnitus may be accompanied by deafness, and deafness may develop from tinnitus.

Tinnitus brings great harm to patients, such as affecting mood. Long-term severe tinnitus can cause emotional changes such as upset, worry, and depression. Secondly, it will affect work and family life. Third, tinnitus can also affect sleep and hearing. Tinnitus is especially loud in the dead of night, making it difficult to fall asleep and tossing and turning. Long-term tinnitus can also cause hearing loss and affect communication.

Because tinnitus is not an independent disease, the cause of tinnitus is very complicated and is still under discussion in the medical community. At present, the method of masking the treatment of tinnitus by hearing aids is widely recognized and has a good effect on the treatment of tinnitus.

Tinnitus masking is the use of retraining or recoding the nervous system to reduce central excitability, increase central inhibition, cut off the vicious circle of tinnitus and bad mood, and promote the patient's adaptation to tinnitus, so as to achieve the purpose of treating tinnitus.

Hearing aids have been shown to help with tinnitus

Studies have shown that hearing aids can help relieve tinnitus. This may be due to a relationship between tinnitus and hearing loss, which is often a symptom of underlying hearing loss.

Hearing aids stimulate the auditory system and can amplify ambient sounds that might otherwise be ignored. These sounds can help mask tinnitus. At the same time, hearing aids can also reduce stress and hearing fatigue, and increase contact with loved ones while diverting attention from tinnitus.

Tinnitus treatment time and frequency

The hearing aid fitter can select the appropriate type of tinnitus masking sound according to the tinnitus type and preference of users. Users can use tinnitus masking therapy to treat tinnitus by switching programs every day, two to three times a day, half an hour each time. Different users have different tinnitus types, and the treatment time and effect of masking therapy are also different. Some users may use it for a week, and some users may need two to six months to have a certain effect.

Hearing aid retailer

In addition to Amazon and Wal-Mart, tinnitus hearing aid retailers can also directly consult on Austar and Cadenza hearing websites. We will provide high-quality hearing aids at affordable prices.

Hearing aid for tinnitus cost

Both Cadenza's batteries and rechargeable hearing aids basically have a tinnitus masking function. The cost of tinnitus hearing aids ranges from dozens of dollars for OTC hearing aids to hundreds of dollars for programmable hearing aids. Regarding the cost of hearing aids, you can check here: Cadenza hearing aid price list.

Which manufacturer's hearing aid is best for tinnitus?

Which brand of hearing aid is best for tinnitus? Here are the best hearing aids for tinnitus 2022:

  • Widex
  • Signia
  • Austar
  • Phonak
  • Starkey
  • Oticon
  • Resound
  • Cadenza

In addition to the hearing aid manufacturers listed above, most hearing aids on the market now have tinnitus masking functions, and their prices are very cheap. If you need more information, please contact us.