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Cadenza hearing aid price list

Hearing aid customers often ask: How much do hearing aids cost, and questions about prices and costs of hearing aids. Today cadenza released our hearing aid price list.

The following hearing aid price list is the manufacturer's wholesale price, if you are interested in our hearing aids, please feel free to contact us.

Hearing aid price list

Hearing aid name Wholesale prices (pair) Types of hearing aids
Cadenza H hearing aids 60 to 100 dollars BTE
Cadenza Q hearing aids 60 to 100 dollars ITE, ITC
Cadenza T hearing aids 30 to 80 dollars ITE, CIC
Cadenza R hearing aids 50 to 80 dollars BTE-OE
Cadenza A hearing aids 50 to 80 dollars BTE-OE
Cadenza R2 hearing aids 65 to 85 dollars BTE, RIC
Cadenza C hearing aids 35 to 80 dollars ITE, ITC
Cadenza S hearing aids 50 to 70 dollars BTE
Cadenza L hearing aids 70 to 95 dollars BTE
Cadenza ME-200P assistive listening devices 60 to 90 dollars ITE
Cadenza neckband hearing aids 200 to 300 dollars Neckband

Cadenza H hearing aids

rechargeable BTE hearing aids

Cadenza H is a mini rechargeable BTE hearing aid that uses digital processing technology to amplify sound signals and automatically eliminate acoustic feedback. It is easy to wear and operate and is very suitable for elderly people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Due to its light weight, it is difficult to be found in different working and living environments.

Cadenza Q hearing aids

rechargeable cic hearing aids

Cadenza Q instant fit rechargeable in-ear hearing aid, using digital processing technology to amplify sound signals and automatically eliminate acoustic feedback. It is suitable for patients with sensorineural, conductive and mixed hearing loss with hearing loss ≤80dBHL. It is easy to wear and operate.

Cadenza T hearing aids

instant fit cic hearing aids

Cadenza T instant fit CIC hearing aid, it is a non-programmable invisible CIC hearing aid. It has the functions of invisibility, simple operation, high definition and intelligent noise reduction. It uses a 10A zinc-air battery. The instant-fit CIC hearing aid is suitable for hearing impaired adults or the elderly.

Cadenza R hearing aids

BTE Open-fit hearing aids

Cadenza R is a BTE hearing aid with Open-fit style, small size, comfortable hearing, high clarity, non-programmable hearing aid. The newly designed BTE-OE hearing aid has intelligent noise reduction and intelligent feedback cancellation up to 13 dB.

Cadenza A hearing aids

digital BTE-OE hearing aids

Cadenza A is a digital non-programmable BTE-OE hearing aid with small size and soft and clear sound. Because it is a pre-programmed OTC hearing aid, it can be sold in supermarkets, pharmacies, Amazon Wal-Mart and hearing clinics.

Cadenza R2 hearing aids

digital RIC hearing aids

Cadenza R2 is a pre-programmed digital RIC hearing aid with open-fit style, more powerful functions, comfortable hearing and high clarity, and is favored by hearing aid wholesalers. Use zinc-air battery 312A.

Cadenza C hearing aid

rechargeable itc hearing aids

Cadenza C non-programmable digital rechargeable hearing aid, OTC hearing aid. Use rechargeable Ni-MH batteries and provide users with optional VC or buttons. It has the characteristics of simple operation, high performance and high definition, and is suitable for users with mild to moderate conduction, sensorineural and mixed hearing loss.

Cadenza S hearing aids

analog bte hearing aids

Cadenza S is a pre-programmed analog BTE hearing aid with classic Class D circuit, natural sound, simple operation and low battery consumption. This hearing aid uses a zinc-air battery 13A.

Cadenza L hearing aids

manual bte hearing aids

Cadenza L is a manual digital BTE hearing aid with an ultra-high power model for severe hearing loss compensation. The user operates the button to select different programs in different environments, which is an ideal choice for the elderly with severe hearing loss.

Cadenza ME-200P assistive listening devices

ME-200P assistive listening devices

Cadenza ME-200P rechargeable assistive listening devices, its mode selection is designed in two listening environments. It can easily adjust the volume, power switch and mode selection according to the needs of 4 different buttons.

Cadenza neckband hearing aids

neckband hearing aids

Cadenza rechargeable neckband hearing aids. New intelligent wireless hearing amplifier.Excellent sound quality with digital and intelligent system to make hearing more clear and comfortable. Phone call, Listen music are available.

In addition to the above OTC hearing aids, Cadenza also provides programmable hearing aids. If you are interested, please contact us. Directly directly from Chinese hearing aid manufacturers to save costs.